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My burning eyes….

So when I get asked what I am most excited for in the upcoming winter expansion???
CCP’s vague reference, once that I can find, to changes to the recruitment interface.
The corp recruitment boards are stale with few options and settings and setting up cans is hit and miss. My only other choice was the Recruitment channel.
After spending three evenings staring at that wall of ever-changing spam, fishing for the few people that braved the bot-strewn chat channel to look for work, I now know how very much it’s needed.

Not that the spam needs to stop, no its a good way to get a lot of info in a hurry, but I think it needs it own place. You can’t even ask a simple question without it being swept away by the same seven corp ads on auto-repeat. A simple sub-channel would suffice, but the secrecy surrounding makes me hope for better things.
Or maybe not? Maybe the secrecy is to cover a lack of changes? I really hope that isn’t the case, but I’ll keep my faith in the devs for now, the rest of the expansion looks amazing.
Maybe its going to be making the UI pretty and more functional than the plain “spreadsheets-in-space” look? Could we dare hope for a day where we can converse civilly with other recruiters while the spam-bots blabber to each other in the corner?

Every recruiter I know hates that channel. They like their jobs, but that channel is the bane of their existence, more than likely because of the massive timesink that it is (if you want any recruits that is) so anything that makes things quicker or easier is welcome in my books!

Until then, I guess its back into the fires for me. If you’re lurking in Recruitment, wanting to bash your head against a wall…don’t worry you’re not alone.


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