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Ships of the Trade

I get asked a lot what my corp and I “do”. This is a hard question, because at the end of the day we do whatever pays well at that moment. Small gangs don’t have Ship Replacement Programs, so when something goes pop, we have to man up and pay for our loss out of our own pocket. The bottom line is never far from your mind. In the end its less about what we do and more about what we fly, so I have posted a page about what kinds of ships I find are in high use. Note I said “kinds”, if you’re looking for specifics, you’ll be disappointed, this is strictly spiritual advice. If you want in-depth training, we’d be happy to teach you.

For the up and coming small-gang mercs out there, I’ve added a Progression chart at the bottom to give you an (my) idea of a good learning path for the race to the Black Ops ships.

I will be updating the page as I write each chapter, so stay tuned for more. And don’t be afraid to leave questions or comments. I might not get to the right away, but I will get to them =)


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