Back to My Roots

Gee would you look at that. A month of silence. Sometimes I hate life outside of my pod. But the rent needs payed, and pod time gets reduced. My new corp barely saw me, ditto my friends. I missed roams, CTA’s, ganks and lolz. This made me sad, as did the lack of playtime with the newly redone frigates and cruisers.

Sov warfare is not for people who only get a hour or two pod-time a day, the pace of events just doesn’t allow it. You either waste your short time waiting for fleets, or you have to log just as something does happen. Or worse, your time runs out when you’re 50 jumps from home. Good times.

I briefly thought about letting my pilot’s license expire, but that thought quickly faded. This couldn’t last forever and I always loathe letting that training counter stop ticking.

But something had to change. I couldn’t face more sov war with my playing time. I needed something I could do by myself, something that was fun the moment I undock for however long I had.

Empire is too constraining for long periods of time, kinda like a tie that you did up that little bit *too* tight. Wormholes require less time than sov war, but still a good deal more than I conveniently had. There was also the trouble that I didn’t have anyone I knew in a wormhole corp. Wormholers are an extremely paranoid bunch, and my file tends to raise red flags during a background checks. Without someone inside to vouch for me, my chances were slim.

Then I thought about my days as a new pilot, fearlessly tearing of into lowsec to either kill or be killed. The fear of the unknown, the thrill of battle, the sweet taste of victory and the bitterness of defeat, the gloating of a paid ransom. My mind had made a decision with that one memory, and that decision was a hearty YARR!!!

The fact that all of my gear was stuck at a lowsec cyno point at the time had NOTHING to do with it. I swear.

This time, I go full flashy red. And I’m going to say goodbye to highsec in style. A proper disco should do the trick.