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That Lowsec Life

So apparently I am doing a bit of a PvP class in Caldari lowsec tomorrow. A bunch of ground-pounders wrangled up some new capsuleers and they want me to put them through the paces. All well and good, but I’m not an FC. I’m a scout and I know it. So it should be interesting.

Mostly I’m just gonna work on the basics of survival in lowsec I think. Nothing fancy, stuff like the d-scanner and not sitting still. Safe spots, that sort of jazz. Its amazing how many little tricks there are that vets take for granted and never pass on until the new guy loses his ship.

This is not going to be structured at all. I envision pure chaos. Gods help any neutrals we run into. I think its gonna be one of those days where everyone dies laughing.


About Voodoo Williams

Eve Online Capsuleer, WH Specialist, Black-Ops Pilot, General Smartass

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