A Strange Engagement

Decided to take some allies up on a new idea they were trying last night. Venture Fleet was cooked up as a low-cost, low-entry roam for people to either get their feet wet in lowsec or just to goof off and have a good time. Little did we know that a swarm of a dozen or so of the little bastards would make a somewhat formidable force.

This was not what you would call an organized operation. Sure we had an FC, but when you don’t have well defined roles and everyone is in similar (if not identical) ships then it simply becomes a matter of pointing the horde of screaming barbarians in the same direction and letting them go.

Other capsuleers were surprised, bemused, scornful, or just down right shocked to see us roll through system after system. People jeered us in local until the horde fell upon THEM. And then the realized how hard it was to escape a swarm of fast moving frigates that can’t be scrammed. The smart ones just ran.

The best engagement was in a medium plex in the GalMil warzone. A Rupture, a Caracal, and a Thorax decided that they were a good team and up to the challenge. We were worried about rapid light missiles from the Cara, so primary was called and the swarm went to work.
Boom Caracal down, Rupture pointed.
Boom Rupture down, Thorax…well the Thorax thought better and had abandoned his friend to their fate.

To all those that feel embarrassed for dying because of Venture, please don’t. We were as surprised as you. Most of us were only packing 15dps or so.

My night ended to a trap made especially for us. Smartbombing Rohk at the sun, and I made the error of warping to zero. I wasn’t the only one, but at least the rest of the swarm got his interceptor escort. Needless to say, I ended up taking the short way home, a la pod-express.

I am definitely attending Venture Roam next week. I haven’t ever had that much fun in a mining ship.