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War. War never changes.

Changing from a ground-based alliance to a more space-faring group come with positives and negatives. On one hand, I have seen more combat in the last month than I have in a long time. On the other hand, space-faring friends means space-faring enemies.

War-dec’s are a fact of life when you live the rogue’s life in New Eden. Sometimes the come from enemies you have made, sometimes they come because you look like an easy target, and sometimes they drop into your lap straight out of the cold black sky.

Wars don’t tend to bother me. I usually avoid high-traffic areas as a habit, and most “mercenary” corps don’t have the will or the cajones to take the fight to me out in low-sec. They would rather take the low hanging fruit, ganking haulers, miners, and missioners as they ply their trades in high security space. Not that the tradespeople I mentioned are blameless, no, they are the ones looking to beat the odds with “one more run” or pushing their luck thinking “oh, I will see them coming”.


Seeing my alliance take stupid losses to lazy people makes me want to scream, but there’s nothing I can do. I am simply a member of one of the new corps in the flock. That doesn’t mean I won’t laugh at them when they post their losses on the killboard, but I will also take them aside and explain what the did wrong. Once.

Willful ignorance is no excuse, and I have no patience for people whining when they know better. Not when we have a number of friends and contacts outside the alliance who are willing to do the grunt-work for a small fee. Hell, Red and Black Frog move things for people every damn day. Not when our miners have a safe system to work in, where the alarm klaxons will sound long before they are in danger.

But every war it’s like the idiots go on parade, waving flags and blowing horns, telling our enemies to gank them while they sleepwalk through the “security” of highsec.

At least we manage to fight back now and then, striking a few painful blows to the risk adverse warriors in their shiney ships. A billion ISK Loki loss goes a long way to ending a war with these folk.

I guess we’ll see if our efforts have been enough or if the kills they have been scraping off the bottom of the barrel are enough to keep them interested.


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