New Blood, Fresh Blood

Leaning back at my desk with a fresh coffee, I sat gazing at the glowing red nebulae that we have moved back to. Molden Heath has been my home since I was a young capsuleer. I feel at home here, so packing my gear to move wasn’t a chore, it was a joy!

The alliance is starting to bubble with activity both ground-side and in space. Lots of new corps joining, and settling in and getting used to how things work around here. Some of them are coming from null-sec blocks, and are having trouble wrapping their heads around not having some doctrine rammed down their cortex and FC’s that dictate with an iron fist. Others have made good from the wave of new capsuleers graduated after B-R5RB and are chock full of wet-behind-the-ears newbies with a few bewildered vets trying to guide and teach.

I am one of those vets.

“Hey Vood, I’m off to run a ratting fleet, wanna come along?” one of them named Sops pokes his head in on his way to the gantries. I shake my head and wave him on. I remember when he was derping Atrons into battleship gangs solo, and now he’s leading fleets. Now if he would only loosen up a bit on comms, we may be able to make a pirate out of him yet!

The locals are welcoming us with enthusiasm, and because of this, the daily kill reports are an interesting read. There is always blood being spilled in the Heath and we are just adding to the pool. Its no wonder the nebulae glow crimson out here.
It’s good to not be the only pirates in the area, and when the rest of them get back from their fun and games on deployment, times are going to get interesting. And these new capsuleers are going to have to grow up fast.