Information Processing

I started playing EVE because I am a sci-fi geek. I always have been. E.E. Smith, Clarke, Herbert and Isamov are some of my favorite storytellers. The spaceships, the politics, the tech, and the spaceships all made EVE a natual fit for my tastes. Oh how I still drool over the spaceships. What has truely kept me playing year after year is the lore. I remember giving up on sleep for hours just to read through the Chronicle archives just ONE more time.

Today, CCP dropped one of the biggest lore Chronicles on us since Apocrypha. Apparently the rumours of Jovian extinction are a bit premature. And like every good lore Chronicle, for every question you find answered, more sprout up from the cracks. If you are at all interested in the Jove, wormholes, or the Drifters, this chronicle is going to knock your socks off and send your mind hurtling to thoughts to distant novae.

This makes me glad that the dark days of no Chronicles and reduced focus on lore are in the past. CCP’s new “Living Sci-fi” ad campaign is brilliant, and hits on one of EVE’s biggest strengths.

This new information is going to have the lore hounds chewing on it for weeks. Twitter is already ablaze with comments about it. I shudder to even think of the state of the Lore Slack room (which I should probably look into joining eventally). Asinine speculations indeed. So much for trying to sleep tonight, time to reread some Chronicles!


That was … unexpected.

It seems the judges over at the Pod and Planet Fiction Contest liked  fractured little tale of an API leak. They awarded me the Grand Prize.


I mean, I am flattered beyond words, but  I didn’t think I was on par with the great writers that I was up against. I thought for sure the crown would go to Rhavas again, I really did. Or if not him, Sugar. Or Drackarn. Or one of the many other amazing writers that add to the depth of an already immense universe of lore.

Thank you.

I write mostly just for my own enjoyment, and am very pleased that others enjoy my literary weavings as well. Maybe Cookie (@Cookie_Stein) is right, and I should  start writing more.

Also a big thanks to my partner Raevynn Zara, and Arunis Genforge for the last minute editing help.

Thanks to Telegram Sam for all the hard work he puts in every year. I’m sure organizing an event like this isn’t easy.

And thanks to all the other writers in the contest. You guys are the reason I polish and rewrite until I’m sick of looking at the draft. Trying to write something half as compelling as the stuff the community puts out on a regular basis is a challenge, and I’m glad to be a part of it all.