Three Lights

Three lights on a simple steel cylinder, engraved with a number.
Our lives. Our deaths.
Some wear them in pockets, under shirts. Tucked away and hidden, like a forbidden religion. Others display them proudly, unashamed of their deals with the Devils of the Stars.

They are simple to the point of unidentifiability, and maybe that’s the point. Simple, cheap, mass-produced. CONCORD doesn’t care about the wearer. All you are to them is a check-box on a Next-of-Kin Notification form in tomorrow’s paperwork. You would have to spray down a crowd with a sub-machine gun in front of the Commissioner to get a response from CONCORD. Local authorities are usually much harsher though.
The reason?
Who would they get to replace you?
Who would willingly enslave themselves to one of “them”?

The number engraved on the side is the pilot ident number of a capsuleer. Your capsuleer.
By policy, each identifier contains a DNA marker of the contracted individual and by law you can’t give, lend, share, or otherwise remove the ID from your person…but we all know what happens to policy and laws this far from Empire space, don’t we?
The ID acts as a pass to the hangar area, and more importantly, the crew access to your starship. That, though, is a more rigorous identification (and yes its a separate system, before you ask). Capsuleers aren’t so foolish as to let strangers onto their ships.
A dream job?

The first light is blue, and it vibrates a bit to let you know to get moving. It means your Egger is 5 systems out. Heh, saw this one Caldari couple both have their IDs go off just as they were getting into it, if ya know wha… Yes I was watching. You get used to tight quarters out in….ah, nevermind…

Anyways, when the next light goes off, its green and boy, you had best be within a block of the hangar because it means the capsuleer is registering in the Local star system. You need to be ready, cause when the next light goes red, they’ve docked. No, you don’t have to be there and ready, but they leave with you, or they leave without you and you’re fired. Or dead.

Its all in the fine print, if you bothered to look…
Well, it sucks to be you, doesn’t it?

Some capsuleers are nicer than others, give warning bells, shite like that. Every cappie has his or her quirks, just hang out in the crew lounge for a few days to get used to yours.
Yes, days.
Sleep there, they got beds. What part of “enslaved” didn’t you get?
Maybe you’ll get lucky and be assigned to some backwater station that the Egger leaves a ship at and doesn’t come back.
What do you mean, why?
Son, for all the grief and death they cause, we’re just muck on their boots. They save their anger and destruction for other capsuleers, and you get the honor of working for one.
What pilot did you draw anyways?

Lemme buy you a drink, son. You need one.


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