Pod and Planet Results

Another Pod and Planet Fiction Contest has come and gone once again. There were a number of amazing stories again this year, and I feel honored to have come away with a third prize entry! For anyone who loves EVE lore, or even just a good story, check out the contest site. They have links to all of the old entries, which means there is a TON of fan created content for your enjoyment.

Thanks again to my two editors (and Cookie, next time you’re on the list!).

Information Processing

I started playing EVE because I am a sci-fi geek. I always have been. E.E. Smith, Clarke, Herbert and Isamov are some of my favorite storytellers. The spaceships, the politics, the tech, and the spaceships all made EVE a natual fit for my tastes. Oh how I still drool over the spaceships. What has truely kept me playing year after year is the lore. I remember giving up on sleep for hours just to read through the Chronicle archives just ONE more time.

Today, CCP dropped one of the biggest lore Chronicles on us since Apocrypha. Apparently the rumours of Jovian extinction are a bit premature. And like every good lore Chronicle, for every question you find answered, more sprout up from the cracks. If you are at all interested in the Jove, wormholes, or the Drifters, this chronicle is going to knock your socks off and send your mind hurtling to thoughts to distant novae.

This makes me glad that the dark days of no Chronicles and reduced focus on lore are in the past. CCP’s new “Living Sci-fi” ad campaign is brilliant, and hits on one of EVE’s biggest strengths.

This new information is going to have the lore hounds chewing on it for weeks. Twitter is already ablaze with comments about it. I shudder to even think of the state of the Lore Slack room (which I should probably look into joining eventally). Asinine speculations indeed. So much for trying to sleep tonight, time to reread some Chronicles!

That was … unexpected.

It seems the judges over at the Pod and Planet Fiction Contest liked  fractured little tale of an API leak. They awarded me the Grand Prize.


I mean, I am flattered beyond words, but  I didn’t think I was on par with the great writers that I was up against. I thought for sure the crown would go to Rhavas again, I really did. Or if not him, Sugar. Or Drackarn. Or one of the many other amazing writers that add to the depth of an already immense universe of lore.

Thank you.

I write mostly just for my own enjoyment, and am very pleased that others enjoy my literary weavings as well. Maybe Cookie (@Cookie_Stein) is right, and I should  start writing more.

Also a big thanks to my partner Raevynn Zara, and Arunis Genforge for the last minute editing help.

Thanks to Telegram Sam for all the hard work he puts in every year. I’m sure organizing an event like this isn’t easy.

And thanks to all the other writers in the contest. You guys are the reason I polish and rewrite until I’m sick of looking at the draft. Trying to write something half as compelling as the stuff the community puts out on a regular basis is a challenge, and I’m glad to be a part of it all.

Pod and Planet Fiction Contest YC117

Well, this year’s Pod and Planet Fiction Contest entry snuck in right at the wire. They had extended it a day, but I got it in for the original deadline. I’m proud of myself for this one. I didn’t have a lot of time to write over the contest period, but I slammed it out. Only just over 3100 words, so well under the 5000 word limit, but I feel that it holds its own. Maybe with more time and rewrite I could have filled the space, but rules are rules. Check it out under Tales From the Black, its called “A Spider in Her Web

I hope you enjoy the read, I know I had fun with this one.

New Blood, Fresh Blood

Leaning back at my desk with a fresh coffee, I sat gazing at the glowing red nebulae that we have moved back to. Molden Heath has been my home since I was a young capsuleer. I feel at home here, so packing my gear to move wasn’t a chore, it was a joy!

The alliance is starting to bubble with activity both ground-side and in space. Lots of new corps joining, and settling in and getting used to how things work around here. Some of them are coming from null-sec blocks, and are having trouble wrapping their heads around not having some doctrine rammed down their cortex and FC’s that dictate with an iron fist. Others have made good from the wave of new capsuleers graduated after B-R5RB and are chock full of wet-behind-the-ears newbies with a few bewildered vets trying to guide and teach.

I am one of those vets.

“Hey Vood, I’m off to run a ratting fleet, wanna come along?” one of them named Sops pokes his head in on his way to the gantries. I shake my head and wave him on. I remember when he was derping Atrons into battleship gangs solo, and now he’s leading fleets. Now if he would only loosen up a bit on comms, we may be able to make a pirate out of him yet!

The locals are welcoming us with enthusiasm, and because of this, the daily kill reports are an interesting read. There is always blood being spilled in the Heath and we are just adding to the pool. Its no wonder the nebulae glow crimson out here.
It’s good to not be the only pirates in the area, and when the rest of them get back from their fun and games on deployment, times are going to get interesting. And these new capsuleers are going to have to grow up fast.

Honourable Mention

It seems that my little story about the birth of a Dust soldier was well received. As always the competition was tough, and full of top notch talent, so when it came up the same month as moving, I knew I was sunk. The amount of sheer effort in polish wouldn’t be there to win anything, but I had to try.

Glad to know at least someone liked it.

If you haven’t already, check out the winning stories.

I’ll post up proper links when I get to an actual comm-station, and off of my datapad 🙂

I need a vacation…

Shutting down my feeds to the InterGalactic summit and rubbing my temples I realize that I need a vacation. For the safety of my crew and the safety of my alliance’s crews, I need a vacation before I snap and go on a rampage that would do a Sansha strike-team proud.

It seems that our efforts in Molden Heath have been noticed, and all sorts of complaints have come from the mouths of our dirt-side immortal brethren. “Its not fair,” they cry when they were the ones who refused to send in their own capsuleers to ensure orbital superiority, “Why should they be able to bomb us at will while we are fighting their troops on planet?”

Sometimes immortals are worse to deal with than children. If they would only realize there was a whole universe outside of their petty planetside wars. Some of them have, and those are the ones cackling with glee as fire rains down from the skies on their foes defenses. Maybe if they realized the cost of orbital superiority, they would quit complaining. Almost a billion ISK lost defending our planetary bombers for a single, unimportant battle.

Granted, that was a bad day. Sometimes no one is even in system to stop us, but the risk is always there. Our operating costs are orders of magnitude larger than theirs and they whine about it not being fair? It makes my teeth ache.

Then some baseliner hussy, connected through their capsuleer-consort’s broadcast system starts giving our boys hell for being who we are, AFTER trying to taunt us with her own sexuality. The others played nice, but I’m not known for that. She disconnected pretty quickly after I blistered her ears a bit. She seemed genuinely shocked at the reaction.


I expect that kind of thing from the masses of humanity though. Most of them don’t even know they lack the brain power to light their own neurons, let alone try to light a cyno. I do expect more from our allies though.

So when word came down from command that a ground force looking to march under our banner was asking for round the clock fleet support for their fighters, I damn near lost it. I could FEEL my muscles spasmodically twitching in my pod. The forces he was asking to be assigned to him were ridiculous, even from a brainless ground-pounder. His earning in a week wouldn’t cover the cost of a single day’s deployment.

I wanted to hurt something. Not the cold, disembodied violence of spaceship combat, or the searing burn of plasma-death that the immortal ground troops experience. I wanted the hot-blooded streetfights of my youth, the hard smacking sounds of flesh on flesh. The hollow pop as the other man’s orbital bone collapsed under your own bare fist.

That’s when I realized it was vacation time. When I start thinking about the past like that, there is a very real danger to the next person to anger me. I needed to unplug and relax. Take a few days among the baseliners, soaking up hot sun and cold spirits in equal proportions.


War. War never changes.

Changing from a ground-based alliance to a more space-faring group come with positives and negatives. On one hand, I have seen more combat in the last month than I have in a long time. On the other hand, space-faring friends means space-faring enemies.

War-dec’s are a fact of life when you live the rogue’s life in New Eden. Sometimes the come from enemies you have made, sometimes they come because you look like an easy target, and sometimes they drop into your lap straight out of the cold black sky.

Wars don’t tend to bother me. I usually avoid high-traffic areas as a habit, and most “mercenary” corps don’t have the will or the cajones to take the fight to me out in low-sec. They would rather take the low hanging fruit, ganking haulers, miners, and missioners as they ply their trades in high security space. Not that the tradespeople I mentioned are blameless, no, they are the ones looking to beat the odds with “one more run” or pushing their luck thinking “oh, I will see them coming”.


Seeing my alliance take stupid losses to lazy people makes me want to scream, but there’s nothing I can do. I am simply a member of one of the new corps in the flock. That doesn’t mean I won’t laugh at them when they post their losses on the killboard, but I will also take them aside and explain what the did wrong. Once.

Willful ignorance is no excuse, and I have no patience for people whining when they know better. Not when we have a number of friends and contacts outside the alliance who are willing to do the grunt-work for a small fee. Hell, Red and Black Frog move things for people every damn day. Not when our miners have a safe system to work in, where the alarm klaxons will sound long before they are in danger.

But every war it’s like the idiots go on parade, waving flags and blowing horns, telling our enemies to gank them while they sleepwalk through the “security” of highsec.

At least we manage to fight back now and then, striking a few painful blows to the risk adverse warriors in their shiney ships. A billion ISK Loki loss goes a long way to ending a war with these folk.

I guess we’ll see if our efforts have been enough or if the kills they have been scraping off the bottom of the barrel are enough to keep them interested.

A Strange Engagement

Decided to take some allies up on a new idea they were trying last night. Venture Fleet was cooked up as a low-cost, low-entry roam for people to either get their feet wet in lowsec or just to goof off and have a good time. Little did we know that a swarm of a dozen or so of the little bastards would make a somewhat formidable force.

This was not what you would call an organized operation. Sure we had an FC, but when you don’t have well defined roles and everyone is in similar (if not identical) ships then it simply becomes a matter of pointing the horde of screaming barbarians in the same direction and letting them go.

Other capsuleers were surprised, bemused, scornful, or just down right shocked to see us roll through system after system. People jeered us in local until the horde fell upon THEM. And then the realized how hard it was to escape a swarm of fast moving frigates that can’t be scrammed. The smart ones just ran.

The best engagement was in a medium plex in the GalMil warzone. A Rupture, a Caracal, and a Thorax decided that they were a good team and up to the challenge. We were worried about rapid light missiles from the Cara, so primary was called and the swarm went to work.
Boom Caracal down, Rupture pointed.
Boom Rupture down, Thorax…well the Thorax thought better and had abandoned his friend to their fate.

To all those that feel embarrassed for dying because of Venture, please don’t. We were as surprised as you. Most of us were only packing 15dps or so.

My night ended to a trap made especially for us. Smartbombing Rohk at the sun, and I made the error of warping to zero. I wasn’t the only one, but at least the rest of the swarm got his interceptor escort. Needless to say, I ended up taking the short way home, a la pod-express.

I am definitely attending Venture Roam next week. I haven’t ever had that much fun in a mining ship.

Another Time, Another Tale

Well, it’s been a while, but a quick message from Sam has me scrambling for my datapad and started the creative juices flowing. Another writing contest with the same rules as last year.

Didn’t win anything last time, but I’m down for another shot at it. There are too many tales in the Universe left untold, and with our immortal cousins playing in the dirt, the stories are being made ever faster, and more visceral.

I guess it’s time to start haunting the space-lanes again, making the locals nervous. Who says that camping in a system cloaked for days isn’t productive?
I get plenty of writing done.